About Our School

Immortal Palm Hadley is located in Hadley, MA.  We are an Immortal Palm school and train in Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Tong Bei and Bagua. We are near Amherst, Boston, Hadley, Northampton, Springfield and Hartford, CT areas.

Instructor Carl Deichera

Carl Deichera is the founder of Immortal Palm Internal Martial Arts Association and the instructor at Immortal Palm Hadley.

Here are some interesting facts about Carl:

  • Began studies in Karate and Wing Chun in the early 1970’s- Studied with over 35 different martial art teachers in the United States, Canada and China over the past 35 years
  • 1989 to present: Studying and teaching WING CHUN KUNG FU, a soft internal form of wing chun, third generation student of the great Yip Man through Leung Sheung- Yip Man’s first disciple. Studied with Eddie Chung, Ken Chung and Jack Ling
  • 1994 to present, Studying and teaching FU FAMILY FIST- TAI CHI and BAGUA. Studied with Nick Gracenin, Bow Sim Mark and Victor Fu-  Fu style comes from Fu Chen Song, who was one of the 5 northern  tigers that were sent to South China in the early 1900′s
  • 1995 to present, Studying and teaching CHEN STYLE TAI CHI:  Studied and adopted as a godson of the world famous Chen Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Qing Zhou
  • 2005 to present, Studying and teaching TONG BEI QUAN
  • Has affiliate schools in: Sweden, Colorado, Texas, Connecticut, Seattle, Canton and Cleveland- Has been teaching for approximately 22 years, taught over 5,000 students
  • Currently teaching seminars nationally and internationally in Tai Chi, Tong Bei, Bagua and Wing Chun, and weekly in Hadley, MA.